Analyst Hill Says Governor's Budget will Tie Hands of Legislature

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, January 12, 2005
Elizabeth Hill urged lawmakers to carefully consider the future implications of the Governor’s reform proposals. She says plans to change the school spending formula under Prop. 98 and across-the-board spending limits would tie the hands of the legislature. Cut: LizH2 (:11) “Some of the very important tools that are currently available when we have a downtown would no longer be available and we would have more autopilot, cruise control spending.” In her initial budget assessment, Hill says the Governor’s proposal is a good start toward addressing the deficits that will show up in the future but that more could be done. She notes his budget relies heavily on cuts in certain programs but not in others. Hill also recommends that tax increases be considered, something the Governor opposes and Democrats are not taking up at this time. SOC