Low Income Family Groups Crying Foul Over Budget Cuts

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, January 11, 2005
Sarah Mercer with Parent Voices says spending reductions aren’t the only answer. Cut: Sarah (:08) “But we also must look at increasing revenues because asking our children, parents and seniors to sacrifice their future for the budget, is not fair.” But the Assembly budget committee chairman, Democrat John Laird says he won’t pursue tax increases off the bat. Instead Laird says they’ll push for more of the state’s share of federal tax dollars and closing tax loopholes. Democratic Assemblywoman Judy Chu says she’ll re-introduce legislation. Cut: Chu1 (:10) “I will be holding a hearing on the state tax gap and the underground economy to explore how we can stop the flood of tax dollars being drained from our treasury.” Democratic budget leaders say they’ll start budget sub-committee hearings early this year to deal with what will likely be another partisan and lengthy fight over the state spending plan SOC