Governor Running Out of Time for Special Election

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, January 7, 2005
To call a special election, Governor Schwarzenegger must do so 148 days before his intended date… The Secretary of State’s office says if the Governor chooses to combine a statewide election with local votes already set for November, he must issue a proclamation in June. But Republican Political consultant Dan Schnur says one measure in particular drives the need for haste— that’s the overhaul of re-drawing district lines. Cut: DanS (:14) “One of the main incentives for Schwarzenegger to have that special election earlier rather than later, is to give that panel of judges, should the initiative pass, enough time to draw new districts so they can be run during the 2006 election.” There is a re-districting initiative already in circulation that could potentially be rushed to the ballot. To avoid that, the legislature must act quickly to place its own measure before the voters. SOC