Parada Sets Priorities for Governor's Proposals

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, January 4, 2005
Senate Democratic leader Don Perata (Purr-ah-tah) is setting his sights on Californians’ lengthy commute times and the lack of affordable housing… Cut: DonPer1 (:10) “I think we have to have some bold ideas. Don’t forget by his own admission, Arnold Schwarzenegger is a salesman. And I think he can sell big ideas.” Perata says Democrats’ priorities are not different from the Governor’s but urged Schwarzenegger to back off the idea of going to the ballot, if the legislature does not approve his measures. Cut: DonP2 (:11) “We’ve had enough ballots in the past two years, and sooner or later in a representative Democracy people are going to have to begin to say what do you up there? And that not only goes for us, it would go for the Governor.” The Oakland Democrat says he’ll wait to see what the Governor proposes in his budget to fix an eight-billion dollar deficit before he talks specifics about tax increases—something Schwarzenegger and his finance director have said they oppose. SOC