Robert Matsui Honored in Capitol Rotunda

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, January 3, 2005
According officials with Congressman Matsui’s office, his body will lie in state for 24 hours at the Capitol beginning at three o’clock Thursday afternoon. State Capitol Museum Curator Vito Sgromo says it’s only the second documented time in the history of the Capitol that someone has been honored in this way. VITO1 :12 “The last time we had documentation that a body had laid in state was in 1993 when BT Collins had passed away and we was brought to the capitol for a short period of time to be viewed by the public.” Collins was a state Assemblyman and a longtime figure in California politics. Sgromo says there are no records of a body lying in state at the Capitol prior to Collins, although it may have happened in the early 1900s. VITO2 :14 We have references to a service that was held in 1913 for an AB Nye who was an aid to the governor who eventually went on to hold elective office in California but all accounts don’t specifically state that a body laid in state. Sacramento Democratic Assemblyman Dave Jones says the tribute is a fitting one for Matsui, who represented Sacramento in Congress for 26 years. CUT: DJONES12 :12 The Speaker has very graciously offered to allow Bob to lie in state here, if that’s the wish of the family, but whatever we can do here, of course, to honor Bob Matsui we’re going to do. Matsui died Saturday in Washington DC of pneumonia stemming from a blood disorder. A memorial will be held at the U-S Capitol Building tomorrow. Thursday, Matsui’s body will be flown to California and then brought to the state Capitol. A public memorial is planned for Saturday morning at ten at Sacramento Memorial Auditorium, followed by funeral services at Westminster Presbyterian Church at noon and then a private burial. SOQ