New Waste Disposal Fee on CRT's 2005

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, December 30, 2004
Retailers will charge anywhere from six-to-ten dollars on new televisions, monitors and some laptop computers. The fee will fund a new payment system to collectors and recyclers—the goal is to help reduce costs associated with the proper disposal of electronic waste. Mark Murray with “Californians Against Waste” says it will strengthen the disposal program. Cut: MarkM1 (:09) “These are toxic devices. We’re going to be getting them out of the waste stream. We’re going to be removing them from people’s homes where they might inadvertently be tossed away.” State officials say fees currently charged at electronic waste collection sites won’t necessarily be reduced or eliminated right away as the program starts up. A website to help people find proper disposal sites for electronic waste has been set up—it’s erecycle-dot-o-r-g. SOC