Statewide Pre-School Must Overcome Significant Hurdles

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, December 29, 2004
State Superintendent Jack O’Connell says he’ll seek legislation next year to create state-wide pre-school, but says there are some significant hurdles to overcome—such as how to fund it. Cut: Sup1 (:10) “Hopefully we will be successful this year. Hopefully we can identify and establish a predictable and stable funding source so we do not drain money—much needed money—from the K-through-12 community.” O’Connell says a bill on the subject will be announced soon but if a program can’t be established through legislative efforts, he’ll back a ballot initiative for 2006. O’Connell says he’s talked about the plan with actor and director Rob Reiner (RY-nur) who has announced he’ll also pursue an initiative. A handful of California counties are in various stages of establishing local pre-school programs with Proposition 10 money, that’s funded by a tobacco tax. SOC