Amid Disaster - Good News for One Stockton Family

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, December 28, 2004
Richard Castlemen’s uncle, Russell Blumenthal lives in Thailand. On Sunday, Blumenthal was scheduled to fly from Bangkok to the seaside town of Phuket – one of the areas hit by the tsunami. Castlemen says he and his family tried all day Sunday to contact Blumenthal with no luck. Finally, late Sunday night, Castleman says his uncle called to say he was safe in Bankok – his flight had been cancelled when airline officials heard about the earthquake that triggered the tsunamis.   CASTLEMAN :11—He missed his flight to Phuket, so if he had been on that who knows what would have happened. But what we went through a day just not knowing what was going on, and not being able to get a hold of him. The whole family really worried.   Castleman says his uncle has lived a charmed life. In 1978 he missed a departing Sacramento flight that crashed in San Diego killing everyone aboard. Bob Hensley KXJZ News.