Major Growth in Science Related Jobs Predicted for California

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, December 27, 2004
Those who lead research efforts may be more prominent, but Linda Hughes with the internship and career center at U-C Davis says research assistants and technicians, with bachelors’ degrees, will most certainly be in demand. Cut: Linda2 (:15) “They would tend to come out of arenas like cellular and molecular biology, bio-chemistry, immunology, genetics and then bio-medical informatics, which is taking information and converting it to knowledge with computer analysis techniques.” Hughes says she expects stem cell research in the state to further spur students’ pursuits of the M-D/P-h-D. Cut:Linda2 (:06) “It’s been increasing as an option as you have more and more collaboration across fields.” Meanwhile the operations of the Stem Cell Oversight Committee that will distribute research funds are still getting off the ground, with an organizational meeting scheduled for next week. SOC