Senate Democrat Calls for More Federal Tax Money

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, December 21, 2004
State Senator Jackie Speier enlisted the help of some children—otherwise known as the Blue State Carolers-- to sing another version of “this land is your land”… Cut: Sing () “In California, our tax is billions, but we only get back into the millions…(fades out)” Speier says Californians are paying billions of dollars more in taxes than are returned to the state in federal funds and that other states bring in far more of their share. She called this the start of an ongoing effort to obtain more money from the federal government Cut: Speier3 (:07) “I think this is growing consensus now, this is not just a few billion dollars here and there, this is real money.” Speier urged the Governor to step up his efforts in light of an eight billion dollar budget deficit. Schwarzenegger noted the disparity in funding in a letter to the President earlier this month and said it’s his goal to increase the amount coming to the state. SOC