Stanislaus County Family Morns Marine Son's Death in Iraq

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, December 16, 2004
Corporal Anderson’s father, Michael Anderson Senior fights back the tears when he speaks of his only son. At his suburban home in Modesto, the elder Anderson said Michael Junior, a three-year veteran of the Marine Corps died doing what he really wanted in life, defending his country in an elite fighting unit.   ANDERSON :14—The kid’s a hero, anyway you cut the cards he’s a hero. He did a great job. He believed in what he was doing. He believed in our freedoms and he fought for our freedoms and obviously died for them. He believed in the Marine Corps, family and the United States of America.   Details surrounding Anderson’s death are limited. A letter from the Pentagon to the family said he was killed by small arms fire while in combat. Anderson’s body is expected to be returned to California in about two weeks. Funeral arrangements are pending. Bob Hensley KXJZ News.