Peterson Expected to be Transferred to San Quentin in February

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, December 14, 2004
San Quentin Prison is a notorious icon of harsh criminal justice. Peterson will join over 600 condemned men who are some of the most hardened criminals in the country. Prison spokesman Vernell Crittendon says adjusting to “death row” will be difficult for Peterson because of the isolation and the monotonous daily routine.   CRITTENDON :09—When he looks at that day whatever activity he’s involved in he can say ‘a thousand months from today I’ll be doing the exact same thing.’   Peterson is a high profile convict who may not be received warmly by other prisoners – but Crittendon says San Quentin has a positive record of protecting inmates from attack.   CRITTENDON :11—We have inmates that have very high notoriety due to the media coverage as well as due to their commitment offenses. And we’ve been able to provide safety to those inmates while they’re serving their time.   Peterson might not be able to decide what his schedule will be, what he wears or eats, but he will have an option on how he dies. California offers the condemned the choice between lethal injection and the gas chamber.  Bob Hensley KXJZ News.