Gas Station Attendant Stole $70k Using Customers' Bank Cards

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, December 1, 2004
According to investigators, Amir Noshin carried a small swipe pad – a device about the size of a pager that captures all the information on a bank card. At the Circle K store in Cameron Park where he worked, he’d use some pretext to get the card during the sales transaction and secretly swipe it. But the PIN number still was necessary. Officials say the Gold River would obtain that by watching the customer enter it on a keypad. The indictment says more than 50 customers were hoodwinked in this manner … and that Noshin withdrew about $70,000 from their assorted accounts. The law firm representing Noshin had comment. Skimming devices can’t legally be purchased in the U.S., but are acquired from other countries through the Internet.