Outoing State Senator John Burton

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, November 30, 2004
The liberal Democrat from San Francisco is ending a political career that began in the state legislature in 1965… As for the upcoming budget, John Burton says members of his party will unite to protect basic programs. Cut: John1 (13) “I think we—not we—but they are going to have to work with and against the Governor to make this budget something that reflects the reality of the state of California.” Burton downplayed problems facing his successor, Senator Don Perata, whose business associates and activities are under federal investigation… To Perata, Burton offered only a few words of advice when asked. Cut: John2 (:08) “Same advice I had for myself—get out alive. I’m talking about the session, I’m talking about the work.” As for his own future, Burton is starting a foundation that will provide funding to organizations that help homeless children. SOC