Airports Bracing for High Traffic; Passengers Expect Long Lines

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, November 23, 2004
Today is the biggest travel day of the Thanksgiving Weekend and airport spokeswoman Karen Doran says they’re bracing for a bigger crowd than last year. We have an approximate guess at 36 to 39 thousand. So far this year, travel out of the airport is up about 9-percent. Doran says people should be prepared when they come to the airport. When they arrive at the security checkpoints as they’re getting close to the front of the line they empty all their pockets and put their small items in their carry on luggage so that it’s easier transported through the machines so that the line moves more quickly when they’re going through the TSA checkpoint. Triple-A says holiday travel will rise above pre-9/11 levels for the first time. 4-and-a-half Million Californians plan to travel 50-miles or more over the next few days, a 3-percent increase from last year. Steve Milne - KXJZ news.