Advocates Warn of Unsafe Toys

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, November 23, 2004
Consumer advocates are warning parents to be vigilant as recalled toys may still be out there for sale and in homes. Emily Clayton with the California Public Interest Research Group cites its annual report on toy safety and says there are other concerns to consider. Cut:ToyNse (:05 up and fade under) Clayton notes this toy has not been recalled, but serves as a reminder to parents to consider noise levels—not just for their own sanity, but for childrens’ hearing. Cut: Emily2 (:10) “they do violate voluntary noise guidelines that say that they shouldn’t be over ninety decibels when held about ten inches from a child’s ear. And we do know that kids take their toys a lot closer than ten inches to their ear.” Consumer advocates say also consider the age of children when purchasing toys—as those appropriate for older kids may be downright dangerous for little ones. SOC Optional Anchor Tag: Lists of recalled toys can be found at recalls-dot-gov and the U-S Consumer Product Safety Commission Website at CPSC-dot-gov.