Corrections Officials Preparing to Collect DNA Samples

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, November 19, 2004
State Attorney General Bill Lockyer says it’s inevitable the new law brought about by Proposition 69 will create a backlog as local and state law enforcement officials begin collecting D-N-A samples from all felons- and eventually from everyone arrested on felony charges. Previously, samples were taken only from felons convicted of certain types of crimes. Lockyer1 (:12) “The highest priority is to make sure anyone currently in custody doesn’t get released from jail or prison, we want to make sure we get their sample in the system while we still have them with us.” Lockyer says it will take at least a few years to create the infrastructure required to keep up with the hundreds of thousands of new samples expected each year. About 400-thousand parolees or inmates who were previously not required to submit D-N-A samples must now do so. SOC