Time for Additional Flu Vaccines to Take Effect

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, November 17, 2004
More than 840-thousand doses of flu vaccine are on their way to California— available to county health officials, who will prioritize their use in their communities. They’ll be shipped through January. Chief of the State health department’s Immunization branch, Doctor Howard Backer, says that will still allow time for a vaccination’s effect to take hold—and possibly other benefits as well. Cut: Howard1 (:19) “there’s a very large drop off in demand that occurs around New Year’s. We would like to extend this vaccination season well into January and there’s reason to do that because usually the influenza disease activity doesn’t peak until January or February.” Backer says last year’s flu season started unusually early, but this year, the illness hasn’t shown up yet. SOC Optional Host Tag: The state Department of Health Services says more than 315-thousand doses are being distributed this week to vaccinate infants, senior citizens and those with chronic medical conditions around California.