Campaign Trying to Recall Judge McMaster

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, November 12, 2004
Randy Thomasson, Executive Director of the Campaign for California Families, told reporters that Sacramento Superior Court Judge Loren McMaster made a fundamental error. McMaster ruled in September that two bills signed by Governor Gray Davis last year granting domestic partners essentially equal rights with married couples are constitutional. Thomasson contends the laws, which are scheduled to go into effect January first, violate Proposition 22, the voter-approved measure that bans gay marriage in the state. Thomasson said Judge McMaster must be removed. CUT: Thomaqsson16 :16 Judge McMaster’s ruling is also being appealed to the state’s Third District Court of Appeal. Attorney General Bill Lockyer and others quickly denounced the recall effort. Steve Hansen, lobbyist for Equality California, a pro gay rights group, said recalling judges undermines justice. CUT: Hansen07 :07 Backers of the recall effort have five months to collect 44 thousand voter signatures in Sacramento County. If that goal is met, a special county recall election must take place within eighty days – in mid-summer of next year. SOC