Modesto Residents Expect Peterson Guilty Verdict

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, November 5, 2004
(nat sound fade up and under) It’s a case Modesto residents have been following closely. And while the jury is still out, it appears the court of public opinion in Peterson’s hometown has already rendered a verdict. Peterson’s lawyers have maintained that police nabbed the wrong man, but Modesto resident Ron French believes the one-time fertilizer salesman will be convicted.   FRENCH :05— Maybe not first degree, but I think they’ll keep him. I think he’ll be put away. French was one of a number of people talking about the case in a Modesto coffee shop. Erica Price says she became convinced Peterson killed his wife Laci and the couple’s unborn child after hearing tapes of phone conversations Peterson had with girlfriend Amber Frey.  PRICE :10—The way he was carrying on like a single guy who was widower, really kind of paints a picture that he was more than capable to get rid of her because he just wanted to be free.  Kim Balero isn’t sure Peterson will be convicted, but she believes the media are responsible for shaping public opinion.  BALERO :04—I think we only see what everybody’s wants us to see. So I don’t know.  There’s no word on jury deliberations, which have been underway for about three days. Bob Hensley KXJZ News.