Democrats Hold Majority in State Legislature

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, November 3, 2004
Outgoing Democratic Senate President Pro-Tem John Burton says heavy campaigning by a popular Governor may have made a difference for some initiatives but not in how voters view the legislature. Cut: Burton2 (:11) “You know if Arnold would have been on the ballot, or if the recall election would have been held at the same time of these open districts, then maybe you would have had something going for you.” Assembly Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy says the top of the ticket could definitely make a difference in the next statewide election. Cut: Kevin2 (:08) “Well the next time we run the next election, is for the Governor, if Arnold Schwarzenegger is the top of the ticket, I guarantee you we’ll be winning in California.” Legislative districts were drawn by state lawmakers three years ago to favor incumbents—creating so-called safe seats—Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has said he wants to change the method by which districts are drawn. SOC