Eager Voters Lined up at Polling Places

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, November 2, 2004
Sam Broughman (Broof-mann) was ready to vote at 6:30 on Election Day—amidst reports around the country that voters were waiting to cast ballots. Cut: Sam1 (:05) “I was just curious because they were talking about the lines in different places so I figured I’d show up early.” And the motivation for many was the same-- Despite races for the U-S Senate, the legislature, local ballot measures and propositions, one particular race came up again and again as the main reason for heading to the polls. Cut: PrezMont (:10) (three voices) “Mostly the Presidential, I think we need a change… All of it but mainly the presidential election… the presidency, actually this is my first time ever voting.” As for Sacramento’s optical scan voting machines, the reviews were mixed. Some said it was easy and convenient. Others said filling out the bubbles was tedious and time consuming. SOC