League of Women Voters Provides Voter Education Online

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, November 1, 2004
While technology has changed the way many people access information, the mission for the League of Women Voters hasn’t budged… In its eighty-plus year history, the League has dedicated itself to preparing people to be informed voters….California League President Jacqueline (JACK-kwill-in) Jacobberger (JAKE-uh-burger) says the organization has produced material for every kind of voter, and it’s all on their website, Smartvoter-dot-org. Cut: JJ1 (:22) “Well we do our traditional pros and cons publication. It’s in between the ballot pamphlet and something very simple. Then we joined in partnership on the Easy Voter Guide. It’s for the person too busy to read the ballot pamphlet or even our pros and cons and it’s also geared for the person who has limited reading skills.” In comparison, The California Voter Foundation is a relative newcomer—for ten years, the organization has used the internet to educate voters. Founder, Kim Alexander, says the goal of CalVoter-dot-org is to give voters as much—or as little—information they want, and provide a variety of resources. Cut: KImA1 (:19) “If you just want to get a snapshot, of what a particular measure’s about, you can get that off our website, we’ll direct you to the California Journal’s analysis, we’ll direct you to the League of Women voter’s analysis. Alexander believes the internet provides a leveling impact on the influence of money in politics. She says the web is an affordable, accessible way for people to disseminate information—partisan or non-partisan-- to as many as possible. What’s new in this election, according to Alexander, is the rise of the web log or blogs, as they’re called. Cut: KImA3 (:13) “I think the more voices that we have, out there talking about the election, the better and if people can use a tool as they are with the internet that has this leveling impact, on speech, that’s good for democracy too.” Alexander says she expects more than a million visits to her website this year--- with many expected for this last minute preparations today and this evening. SOC