Voters asked to "Do it in the Booth"

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, October 28, 2004
Most organizations do a get-out-the-vote push by phoning up voters or going door to door to promote their candidate. Planned Parenthood has a more colorful approach. We had condoms with stickers on the back that said ‘Do it in the voting booth November 2nd’ and it was a fun way to remind people to vote. The pro-choice group handed out the prophylactics at local bars they also signed up new voters at their clinics. Spokeswoman Dana Williamson says their next move is to work the swing state of Nevada. We have recruited hundreds of volunteers to go up to Nevada to work to elect Senator Kerry as president. We placed ads in the News and Review to try and recruit other folks that might be willing to go help with our effort. Planned Parenthood opposes President Bush’s re-election because the group feels the president has done everything in his power to limit a woman’s right to choose. But Mike Spence, vice-president of the California Pro Life Council, the largest pro-life group in the state which supports President Bush, says they’re also sending people to swing states. There are some people that are going to Nevada and Colorado and other swing states to try to get the message out. Spence says this public interest in this election is unprecedented. Well I think there’s a lot more interest this time, there’s more people that want information, more people that are active in getting information out than there were in past years. Analysts say all the work that volunteers are doing to lure voters to the polls could help produce the largest voter turnout in recent memory. Steve Milne - KXJZ news.