TV Ad Targeting Wal-Mart for Prop 72

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, October 25, 2004
The Proposition 72 campaign is spending three-million dollars to air a television ad that says despite its profitable status, Wal-Mart does not provide affordable health insurance for workers, creating a burden on public health services. Sacramento State University Communications Professor Barbara O’Connor says WalMart can create an instant reaction. Cut: Barb1 (:14) “It conjures up an image of a big nasty corporation, that’s low pay and undercuts the local establishment and it was a deliberate use I’m sure, because they know many people have that feeling, particularly small businesses.” Last month, Wal-Mart launched a newspaper ad campaign to counter what it says is mis-information about the company. Wal-Mart rejected charges that it does not provide health insurance to its workers—something Prop. 72 supporters say they’ll address in the coming days. SOC