Prop 60a: Surplus Property

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, October 22, 2004
Prop 60-A is a court ordered spin-off of Prop 60, which was placed on the ballot by the legislature as an alternative to Prop 62, the so-called “open primary” initiative that would create a run-off system in state elections . Sacramento State University Professor Barbara O’Connor was recruited to provide arguments against Prop 62 and for its alternative Prop 60, and is listed in the ballot pamphlet as an official supporter of Prop 60-A. CUT: BOC17 :17 In and of itself, I think taking surplus property that’s been declared surplus, and targeting those funds to pay down the debt, is fiscally a prudent thing to do. It was put on as an additional measure to warrant the passage of 60, but in and of itself it warrants passage. Under current law, proceeds from the sale of surplus property go directly to the state general fund to pay for ongoing state operations. Political analyst Tony Quinn says the question of what to do about surplus property doesn’t belong in the state constitution - or before the voters. CUT: TonyQuinn19 :19 It would probably be sensible for the people to vote this down and say, “Go back legislature, give serious thought and consideration to the various ways that you might use the funds from the sale of surplus property, and then when you’ve made a thoughtful decision about it, we will consider what you think we ought to do,’’ It’s estimated that the state owns about one billion dollars worth of surplus property that could be liquidated. The official opponents of Prop 60-A acknowledge it’s a good idea, but is flawed only because it doesn’t go far enough in demanding that the state sell its unneeded land. With no active campaign either for or against it, Prop 60-A is expected to win easily on November second. SOC