Governor says "Indians are Ripping Us Off"

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, October 19, 2004
At a No on Propositions 68 and 70 rally last Thursday in San Diego, Schwarzenegger told a crowd- quote – “The Indians are ripping us off!” Supporters of Prop 70, which would allow a major increase in Indian casino gambling, immediately accused the governor of hate speech and race baiting. But at a No on 68 and 70 event in Sacramento, Schwarzenegger offered no apology. CUT: Arnold07 :07 The governor’s chief spokesman Rob Stutzman said the thrust of the rip-off comment was accurate. CUT: StutzmanRipOff05 :05 Stutzman said the attacks on Schwarzenegger for his remark were themselves a “pathetic use of the race card.” SOC