California Unemployment Remains Steady at 5.9 Percent

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, October 18, 2004
A survey of employers shows California gained 49-hundred payroll jobs last month. The jobless rate was five-point-nine percent, the same as in August. State Department of Finance Principal Economist Dennis Myers says it's not all that one could hope for, but he says in some aspects California's doing slightly better than the nation. Cut: DennisMeyers16 (:16) "The nation's industry growth is mainly coming from public sector employment, whereas in California, the public sector's been diminishing for a while, where the private sector has been taking up the slack. Compared to the nation, our private sector's doing better." A separate survey of households shows a record number of Californians with jobs -up 37-thousand last month to 16-point-seven-million. SOC