Prop 71: Nurses Association Questions Benefits

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, October 14, 2004
California Nurses Association President Deborah Burger says the organization has doubts whether all Californians—or just pharmaceutical companies—would reap the benefits of Proposition 71. Cut: RN1 (:07) “We would also like to see that the material not be patented, that it be open source.”” Burger says the initiative is flawed, and among other things, does not provide adequate safety measures for women who would donate their eggs for research. Yes on 71 spokesman, Roger Salazar, says initiative drafters looked to the National Institutes of Health for their guidelines. Cut: Roger1 (:08) “We are following the same standards the N-I-H is using, the same standards that brought about the polio vaccine, so our hope is this will be able to provide treatments for everybody.” Prop. 71 supporters are running a multi-million dollar campaign and just launched a new T-V commercial featuring actor Michael J-Fox—who has Parkinson’s disease. SOC