Election 101: Voting

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, October 14, 2004
The most common mistake on Election Day occurs long before voters reach the voting booth. Many go to the wrong polling place. CUT: 1014 FREDDIE1 The polling place that you see on the way to work every Election Day may not be the one that you actually vote at. Yours may be hidden away in the neighborhood somewhere or in the opposite direction. Yolo County Clerk/Recorder Freddie Oakley says the sample ballot that arrives in the mail is one key to a stress free voting experience. For one thing, it tells you where your polling place is. In addition, Oakley urges voters to look at it and mark it. CUT: 1014 FREDDIE2 “Make a decision about how you want to vote on various issues and that’s going to reduce the probability that you’ll make a mistake in the polling place.” In this election, voters will be casting their ballots on a variety of machines, including electronic and optical scan. Oakley says voters who are uncertain which machine they’ll be using should call their county clerk or registrar’s office. SOQ