Nader Campaigning for Presidential Write-in

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, October 11, 2004
Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader stood with his running mate, former Gubernatorial hopeful Peter Camejo (Kah-MAY-ho) on the steps of the state Capitol, urging his supporters to do what it takes to vote for him in California—and write in his name. Nader spoke harshly of what he calls Democratic Party efforts around the country to keep him off the ballot. Cut: Nader4 (:09) “When you start knocking people off the ballot, you are assaulting their fundamental civil liberties of free speech, petition and assembly.” So far, more than thirty states have included Nader on their ballots, and he says by Election day next month it could be more than forty. Nader’s campaign has launched a website “writeinNader-dot-org” where it’s explained how the write-in process works on various types of ballots, including touch screen machines. SOC