Prop 1A: Backers Urging Yes Vote

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, October 7, 2004
If passed by voters, Prop 1-A would prohibit the state government from grabbing local tax revenues without a formal declaration of emergency by the governor and a two-thirds vote of the legislature. For the past dozen years, the state has taken over forty billion dollars from local governments to help balance its own budget. Cities and counties acted last spring to place another local revenue protection measure on the ballot. But at the last minute, in August, the legislature voted to place Prop 1-A before voters. Dick Mayberry, with the California Professional Firefighters association, says voters should ignore that earlier measure, which remains on the ballot. CUT: Mayberry11 :11 Opponents argue that 1-A was jammed thru the legislature at the last minute without proper study and is, in essence, a blank check for local governments with no fiscal controls. SOC