Prop 68 Ballot Description Accused of Being Misleading

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, October 6, 2004
Rick Baedeker (BEE deck ur), the owner of the Hollywood Park race track, told reporters that the ballot label describing Prop 68 was incomprehensible, and not enough time remained to educate voters. CUT: RickBaedeker09 :09 Prop 68 would require Indian gaming tribes in California to pay 25 per cent of their earnings to local governments, or else lose their casino monopoly. Sixteen non-Indian card clubs and racetracks were poised to install slot machines on their property if 68 passed. No on Prop 68 spokesman Al Lundeen said polls show voters know urban non-Indian casinos are unwise. CUT: Lundeen06 :06 Yes on Prop 68 broadcast ads will continue to air thru the end of this week. SOC