Deadline Approaches for Action on Legislative Bills

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, September 28, 2004
The Governor’s spokeswoman Margita (mahr-GHEE-tah) Thompson says lawmakers and interest groups continue to lobby for their bills as the final day approaches. More than 200 bills remain to be either signed or vetoed. Tim Hodson with the Center for California Studies says in reviewing the Governor’s actions so far, there aren’t many surprises as to where Schwarzenegger stands. Cut: Tim1 (:20) “It’s tempting to look at what is a consistent moderate Republican position as something new as something inexplicable, well he’s not. He’s fairly conservative when it comes to economic issues and moderate to liberal on environmental and social issues.” Recently approved bills that go without either the Governor’s signature or veto would become law. In the weeks leading up to the September 30th deadline he’s signed more than 400-pieces of legislation and vetoed more than 100 bills. SOC