Democrats Pushing Governor to sign Drug Bill

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, September 27, 2004
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger early on announced his opposition to bills that, among other things, would create a website with price comparisons for Californians seeking cheaper drugs at Canadian pharmacies. Schwarzenegger said his administration instead would pursue discounts from pharmaceutical companies. But Gary Passmore with the California Congress of Seniors says the industry can’t be trusted Cut:Gary1 (:09) “We have got to confront PHRMA and break down the international price structure that protects their gouging and their undue profits and this program will only prop it up.” A spokeswoman for PHRMA (FARM-ah), which represents the pharmaceutical industry, says it’s premature to say the Governor’s program won’t work and that relying on Canada for prescription drugs sets up significant liabilities. The Governor has through September 30th to take action on bills that are on his desk. SOC