California Performance Review Report Expected in October

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, September 27, 2004
At the commission’s seventh public hearing Monday at U C Davis, Jean Ross, Executive Director of the non-profit California Budget Project, said the schedule was too rushed. CUT: Ross12 :12 Ross said she had attended earlier commission meetings and not been allowed to speak. At Monday’s meeting she was part of a six-member panel, with each member given only five minutes to make their statement. Another speaker, Professor Robert Fellmeth from the Center for Public Interest Law at U C San Diego, warned that eliminating over a hundred state boards and commissions, and giving their powers to bureaucrats appointed by the governor, would give special interests new opportunities to affect public policy without public notice. CUT: Fellmeth17 :17 Commission co-chairman Bill Hauck said no matter what recommendations the governor finally accepts as his own, the legislature will make sure that implementing them will be a long and convoluted process. CUT: Hauck14 :14 Hauck said the commission now plans to hold an eighth public meeting October 20th at U C Irvine to decide if a consensus set of recommendations can be forwarded to Governor Schwarzenegger by that month’s end. SOC