Final Decisions on Legislative Bills

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, September 20, 2004
When the Governor determines a bill’s fate, it’s with his staff, and a stack of information. Former Press Secretary Steve Maviglio says final discussions in Democrat Gray Davis’ tenure took on a debate style-format. Cut: SteveM1 (:13) “The legislative person, the finance department was always at the table and in many cases there were advocates for and against at the table and he’d ask them questions.” Dan Schnur says his former boss, Republican Governor Pete Wilson, often sought opinions outside the Capitol. As for the overall process, Schnur says it’s too much to expect in thirty days. Cut: DanS1 (:11) “It’s not a great process, and some type of limit on the number of bills that legislators could send to the Governor’s desk could make it a much more thoughtful, much more considered and much more productive process.” September thirtieth is the last day for Governor Schwarzenegger to sign or veto legislation this year. SOC