Governor Chooses Chief Michael Brown as CHP Commissioner

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, September 15, 2004
Chief Michael L. Brown of the C-H-P’s Southern division is the Governor’s choice as the new Commissioner. Brown says his first task in taking over will be to study the high rate of medical disability in the department—brought to light by recent media coverage. Cut: Brown2 (:12) “And it is a huge cost for us. And my concern is that the cost goes directly against our personnel cost. That means fewer officers we can deploy on the road. So we will be looking at that and we’re going to start the review next week.” Brown says he’ll give a report on the issue to Administration officials in 45 days. He’s worked for 27-years with the Highway Patrol and has moved around the state serving in a wide variety of jobs with the agency. The state Senate must confirm his appointment to the post which pays 131-thousand dollars a year. SOC