State Controller Pulling Plug on $15 Million in Grants

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, September 14, 2004
State Controller Steve Westly says documentation for grants given out by the state Parks and Recreation Department is all over the map—in some cases thorough, in others, no receipts or plans for project funds. He’s asking the state legislature to better oversee money given to non-profits, cities and counties, much of which was secured by state lawmakers as budget allocations— sometimes known as “pork”. Cut: Westly1 (:06) “Even pet projects need clear goals, benchmarks and progress reports.” Westly has ordered state accountants to return 15-million dollars in unspent grants to the general fund and is conducting audits of twenty projects around the state. The State Parks Department defends its actions, saying it oversees grants but that funding is insufficient for adequate oversight. SOC