Legislation to Allow Purchase of Needles Without Prescription

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, September 10, 2004
It’s the third time around for legislation that would allow Californians to purchase hypodermic needles without a prescription… Supporters argue it will prevent the spread of H-I-V and hepatitis and they’re lobbying the Governor through Hollywood. The Drug Policy Alliance Network has run an ad in Variety urging the Governor’s support. Alliance director Glenn Backes (BACK-uhs) says he hopes, if nothing else, the fiscal aspects of the bill appeal to the Governor. Cut: Glenn2 (:11) “It’s only a program in these sense that it’s carefully evaluated. And that there’s local and state oversight but nit’s not the same as delivering a social service. It’s allowing business to identify a needed and social service.” This year’s bill would allow local pharmacists to sell ten syringes to an individual and permits legal possession of ten or fewer needles. Supporters include the California Medical Association and AIDS organizations. Law enforcement groups are among the opponents. SOC