Commuters Spend 36 Hours in Traffic

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, September 7, 2004
The Texas A-and-M University report shows Sacramento commuters spent an average of 36-hours stuck in traffic during the year 2002. That’s an increase of five hours from the year before. Martin Tuttle who heads the Sacramento Area Council of Governments, a local transportation planning agency, says he agrees with the report’s conclusion that traffic congestion has grown too fast to be addressed by a single solution. And that’s consistent with our process here in Sacramento where we’re looking at light rail, heavy rail with the Capital Corridors, carpools and now even land use as a way to compliment our transportation investments. The report’s authors say Tampa, Fla., is a good example of a city that has eased traffic in ways other than building roads. Like many cities, it has coordinated its traffic signals, smoothed traffic flow on major roads and created teams to respond quickly to accidents. Steve Milne - KXJZ news.