NAACP Suing State Fair

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, September 1, 2004
N-Double-A-C-P officials say the state fair’s new policy to close early and limit parking on what was formerly “Black Culture Day” unfairly singles out African Americans. Specific ‘culture days’ honoring various ethnic groups were abandoned this year in favor of programs spread throughout the eighteen day event. But the President of the California State Conference of the N-Double-A-C-P Alice Huffman says culture days should be re-instated as a way to honor diversity. Cut: Alice2 (:09) “We had the Latino, Indian and African-American cultural days to begin with. And it was a beautiful thing to see people identify with the fair in a different way.” Huffman says the issue will be brought up at the organization’s convention next month, for possible future legislative action. State fair officials deny the N-Double-A-C-P’s claims and say the strategies were suggested by community members to avoid a repeat of violence that’s occurred on the last Saturday of the fair. SOC