Schwarzenegger to Present More Moderate Republican Views at RNC

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, August 30, 2004
Schwarzenegger’s Tuesday night T-V speech should be one of the high points of the convention. But Matthew Streb, who teaches political science at L-A’s Loyola Marymount University, says besides being a prime-time draw, Schwarzenegger will present the more moderate Republican view on behalf of the Bush campaign. Cut: MStreb2 (:14) “I think that why Schwarzenegger has been asked to speak is that he is perceived to be part of that compassionate conservatism, that Bush talked about a lot on the campaign trail in 2000, and because of September 11th, that message has kind of disappeared somewhat.” Streb says for Schwarzenegger’s future political considerations, it will be the first sight of him as a Republican politician for many around the nation. Not much has been revealed in advance of the Governor’s speech—but that it’s likely to focus on his experience of the American dream. SOC