Prop 66 to Change Three Strikes and You're Out Law

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, August 27, 2004
Instead of a 25 year to life sentence for any third felony conviction, Prop 66 would require the third conviction to be for what’s called a “serious” or “violent” felony. Sue Reams of Anaheim has seen the effects of Three Strikes in her own family. CUT: Sue Reams11 :11 I voted for the original three strike law, I thought it was gonna take murders, rapists, child molesters off the street. I didn’t expect it was gonna take my own son. Reams’ 27 year old son Shane is one of the seven thousand “third strikers” now in state prison. His first two strikes were for residential burglary. His third came after a small-time non-violent drug deal. If Prop 66 passes, Shane Reams would be re-sentenced and quite possibly released. Steve Hopcraft is managing the Yes on 66 campaign. He says recent opinion polls show it with close to 70 per cent support. CUT: Hopcraft09 :09 California is the only state in the nation that puts people away for life for non-violent, non-serious offenses. And the voters recognize that. That’s what all the polls are showing. Republican U S Senate candidate Bill Jones was a leader in the original 1994 Three Strikes effort. He says Three Strikes - as is - has more than proved its worth. CUT: BillJones18 :18 In the last decade we’ve seen a 46 per cent reduction in overall crime, burglary reduced to the lowest level since 1957. If you vote Yes on Prop 66, which is the anti-Three Strikes measure, burglary is taken off the strikable list. It’s gonna become a magnet for repeat offenders. Governor Schwarzenegger and state Attorney General Bill Lockyer also oppose Prop 66.