Superstores Bill Up For Final Vote in State Senate

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, August 25, 2004
The bill would require cities and counties to prepare reports on the potential economic impacts of “superstore” projects before they’re approved by local governments. Superstores are defined as greater than 130-thousand square feet and carrying more than 20-thousand stock items. Democratic State Senator Richard Alarcon denies critics’ claims that he is targeting certain retailers. Cut: Alarcon1 (:10) “The superstore—the supercenters are quite different and it’s critical we understand how devastating their impacts can be in some communities.” Alarcon rounded up supporters of his bill, including independent grocers, in anticipation of a final vote in the state Senate. WalMart has fought the measure, which was roundly criticized by Assembly Republicans as being anti-business during a floor debate earlier this week. SOC