Megan's Law to Post Sex Offernders' Addresses on Internet

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, August 24, 2004
Currently Californians must review Megan’s Law information at local police and sheriff’s stations—to see how many registered sex offenders live in their zip codes. A bill approved by the state Assembly would post Megan’s Law information on the internet and include some sex offenders’ home addresses. Dave LaBahn with the California District Attorneys Association says sexual predators and those who have been convicted of crimes against children will have their home addresses posted. Cut: LeBon (:10) “That amounts to fifty-to-fifty-five thousand of the total registered offenders. Those that are categorized to be the greatest risk will have the address information.” Other categories of sex offender will remain listed by zip code only. While Republican lawmakers widely supported the measure, some said home addresses of all types of convicted sex offenders should be available for public review. SOC