Likely Veto for Canada Drug Bills

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, August 23, 2004
Assemblyman Dario (DAHR-ee-oh) Frommer (FROHM-ur) has heard from the Schwarzenegger Administration that his bill to set up a website allowing Californians to purchase cheaper prescriptions from Canada likely faces a veto. The state Secretary for Health and Human Services says the measure is against federal law and exposes the state to potential legal liability. But Frommer says an alternate plan proposed by the Administration comes up short. Cut: Dario1 (:13) “We’re not going to do something that is a re-warmed pharmaceutical industry proposal, We want to do meaningful reform. This is a major issue, as you talk to people around this state, they are talking about the fact that they are having a hard time paying for prescription drugs and we need to move.” Pharmaceutical companies are also fighting Frommer’s bill and similar legislation by other Democratic lawmakers. One bio-tech interest says it’s concerned that investment would dry up if price-controlled drugs enter the market. SOC