An Interview with Governor Schwarzenegger

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, August 12, 2004
The interview was conducted in the cabinet room, adjacent to the Governor’s private office. Surrounded by American Indian art, busts of Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy, and with his Conan the Destroyer sword in an open display case nearby, California’s 38th governor remarked first on the state Supreme Court’s invalidation of gay marriages authorized by San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom. Schwarzenegger said California law is clear. CUT: Arnold24a :24 The governor next said he remains opposed to and will veto state Senator Gil Cedillo’s bill granting drivers licenses to illegal immigrants unless the bill requires a clearly visible identifying marker noting that the license holder is an immigrant. CUT: Arnold15b :15 The governor said he plans to issue a formal list next month of the state ballot propositions he supports and opposes. He’s already committed to campaign against two initiatives that expand casino gaming and strongly supports Proposition 1-A to protect local governments from future state revenue grabs. He said he tends toward support for Proposition 62 which would allow only the two top vote getters in a primary to appear on the general election ballot. CUT: Arnold17 :17 Schwarzenegger said he wants to keep California’s Three Strikes law just as it is, meaning any felony conviction, not just a serious or violent one, could lead to a life sentence. CUT: Arnold15a :15 The governor says he plans to campaign across the state this fall for his Republican “friends” in hopes of boosting their numbers in the legislature. He also says he’ll consider campaigning for President Bush in so-called “battleground” states, if the need is critical and if he has the time. CUT: Arnold15 :15 And the governor says he remains confident that California has turned an economic corner even if job creation is below expectations. CUT: Arnold08 :08 Governor Schwarzenegger says he continues to love his job because it allows him to give back to California the dreams come true he experienced here 35 years ago. SOC