Highway Patrol Turns 75

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, August 11, 2004
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger attended the events at the California Highway Patrol Academy just outside Sacramento… To the training cadets and officers, he said he recognized the difficulties of the job. Cut:GovCHP1 (:07) “The CHP today is more important than ever, because of our terrorist threats. Because they’re the first in line for homeland security. And they’ve done a great job, especially as they’ve gotten all those threats, the terrorist threats.” Highway Patrol Commissioner Spike Helmick says there are ongoing efforts to better warn the private sector. Cut: Spike1 (:17) “The quicker we can get everything out, and let people know the truth about things, we hear these things, sometimes we’re not sure of the real facts… So far the banks, the refineries, the nuclear plants seem very excited about getting that additional information. Hopefully that will be up and running very shortly.” Helmick is preparing for a transition to retirement, although his successor has not yet been announced by the Schwarzenegger Administration. SOC