Prop 61 to Raise Funds for Children's Hospital

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, August 9, 2004
At U-C Davis Medical Center, the services for children are spread out—a few floors up from a kid’s emergency room is where premature babies are treated… (run “natbaby” sound under and up with cut…) Cut: NatBaby (:12) “(nurse)She’s not very happy because we just did labs on her (cry!)” Fade sound under upcoming script Doctor Anthony Philipps, the head of U-C Davis’s Department of Pediatrics, says all the children’s treatment areas are cramped. Cut: Philipps (:21) “The American Academy of Pediatrics has recommended about 150-square feet per incubator and we have about 40… We are going to be moving to a newer portion of the hospital, the floor is being readied for us and as I said it’s very expensive and that’s without the equipment actually to try and pay for part of this.” To keep up with the growing demand, children’s hospital supporters have placed a 750-million dollar bond measure on the November ballot to build, expand or equip eligible facilities throughout the state. The California Children’s Hospital Association President and the initiative proponent, Susan Maddox, says the money would be distributed as grants. Cut:SueM1 (:12) “We believe this is an exceptional cause and one of those necessities in a time when the state doesn’t have the resources we need.” The bond so far has faced no organized opposition. Despite their eligibility for potential funds, neither U-C Davis nor the University of California has taken a position on Prop 61. California’s Legislative Analyst estimates the state cost could run about 1-point-five billion dollars over thirty years. SOC